“Vegan Seafood” Fast Food Restaurant near Boston? Garden Patch By the Sea in Quincy, MA

Everything Vegan on the Menu!

Summer time hits and the ocean breeze calls! For me, that typically means hot, fresh seafood and icy cold drinks in the sun. I love seafood, and when I heard about this vegan seafood place in Quincy, Massachusetts, I couldn’t resist trying it out and getting a chance to get some images done of this experience. 

I am not a vegan, but as a food photographer, I was curious to learn about the textures and colors of this so called “fake” seafood! Sometimes, it’s hard to believe that a vegan dish is really as good as it looks in the photos. But here are some snapshots from this adventure to this fast food restaurant on the Quincy shore!

girl holding vegan sandwich wrap at Garden Patch by the Sea

Every menu item has its normal name, you just have to assume that it is vegan! For example, a chicken burrito, is actually not a chicken burrito, it just has some kind of plant-based food that is processed to resemble the flavor and texture of chicken. 

A crab cake that’s vegan? Behold this amazing “fake crab cake”! As a lover of those crab cakes in Myrtle Beach made out of blue crab, I admit this unique “crab cake” from Garden Patch By the Sea in Quincy, MA! It was surprisingly delicious! I couldn’t believe it. The texture and flavor was spot on. 

In regards to photographing this crab cake, you want to see the outdoor environment, as the prime location by the ocean is one reason why people come here to enjoy the vegan seafood. Their patio is quite large, so shooting at an aperture of f/11 for this image allows some recognition and clarity of the table umbrellas, landscape grasses, and ocean in the distance. 

If you are somewhat familiar with photography, you may have heard photographers gripe about “harsh light”. It’s true, sometimes bright noonday sunshine makes for harsh shadows and might be the worst time to do photography. But when is a super bright sunny advantageous for photography? When photographing food or product, in some cases you may want that sunny day look. 

For example, when photographing food outside at a restaurant patio at a seaside location early afternoon, I chose to turn the food to face the sun, to be lit up. If it’s hot weather, you’ve got to photograph cold items like this quick, so that any food containing dressing doesn’t look dry on you, lol. 

headshot of ling messer commercial photographer

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